grandson of World War II veteran

Grandson of World War II Veteran Buys Chevrolet Equinox off Tank Driver

Choosing a car dealer is often a matter of finding good recommendations. In other instances, it’s more personal. Such was the case for George Patton Waters, the grandson of a World War II veteran, Gen. George S. Patton.

Waters, 77, spends over a quarter of each year talking to different veteran groups. Several years back, Waters was sharing space with many World War II veterans and others in Pilsen, Czech Republic during a festival that honored the town’s liberation from the Nazis by Patton’s Third Army.

It was here that Waters met 94-year-old Reuben Schaetzel, a World War II veteran and a Chevrolet salesman. After talking with him briefly, Waters found that Schaetzel had driven a tank for his grandfather. This coincidence created a bond, and they have stayed in contact ever since.

At a different event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Waters learned that Schaetzel was a Chevy salesman and asked him for advice. Schaetzel recommended the Chevy Equinox for its accessibility, its advanced safety features, its in-cabin infotainment, and its available trailering package. Waters then visited Buss Chevrolet in Shawano, Wisconsin to buy this ideal vehicle from the man who drove a tank for his grandfather.

It’s a small world after all, but the tank does not have to be. Visit Love Chevrolet to see how far a tank of gas will get you in the Chevrolet Equinox.

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