Chevy Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt Named 2018 Top Pick by Consumer Reports


This February, Consumer Reports released its annual list of 10 Top Picks of 2018, which ranks the best new cars of the year. After road tests, owner satisfaction surveys and extensive review of performance and safety, Consumer Reports chooses category winners to help advise consumers on which cars are thoroughly reliable, safe and provide excellent driving experiences. This year, Chevrolet took home two of the 10 Top Pick awards, and we at Love Chevrolet are very proud of this. The Chevrolet Impala was named the best Large Car, and the Chevrolet Bolt took home the award for best Compact Green Car.

The Chevy Bolt has made strides to be at the forefront of electric vehicles and innovative technologies. First released in 2017, it’s a purely electric vehicle that offers excellent acceleration, handling and an incredible electric driving range of 238 miles. The battery holds a charge well, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. The available 240-volt/32-amp charging unit will deliver about 25 miles per every hour of charge time. Meanwhile, the available DC Fast Charging provides up to 90 miles of driving range in about 30 minutes of charge time. The Bolt is also remarkably affordable, coming in at a much lower price than many of its all-electric competitors.

*EPA-estimated 238-mile EV range. Your actual range may vary based on several factors including temperature, terrain and driving technique.

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