Thinking about getting a remote start for Christmas?

Surprise Someone You Love with Remote Start for Christmas

Today, many new cars come with remote start as an option straight from the factory. But, just because your car didn’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. In fact, a remote starter can be installed on many cars as an aftermarket part.

If you are considering surprising someone with remote start for Christmas this year, here are a few things to consider.

Buy the starter and installation together

While you might think you just found a great deal online for a remote starter, you than will find out that most reputable places will not install it for you. The best bet is to buy a starter directly from the shop. We sell and install remote starters here at Love Chevrolet.

Consider the range

All remote starters are not created equal. The range can vary dramatically from one model to the next. Make sure the starter you choose has more than enough range for what you need.

What are its features?

Of course you want it to start your car, but what about unlocking your doors or trunk? Some starter kits can do both.

Give the gift of a perfectly warm car on a cold winter day with a remote starter. If you’re interested in a remote start for your vehicle, give us a call at Love Chevrolet.

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