Let's celebrate Labor Day

How and Why You Should Celebrate Labor Day

America is full of extremely hard workers. We work longer hours than other cultures, and take less vacations and shorter lunches. So it’s no wonder that when a day off comes along giving us a three-day weekend, we tend to pay no attention to its origin and just bask in the short vacation instead. With Labor Day, however, this reaction isn’t too far off from its original intention.

Labor Day started as a state holiday before it was a national celebration. It was organized by the Labor Union in 1882 in New York City as a way to honor the hard work of American citizens, and to recognize the impact that they had on society.

Many of today’s Labor Day festivities don’t specifically target this goal, but granting you a day off does at least skim the surface of the holiday’s original intention. This year, you may wish to celebrate Labor Day more consciously, really letting yourself relax as a specific reward for your hard work all year long.

At Love Chevrolet, we find that spending time with our families is one of the best ways to enjoy a day off. Teach your kids about the history of Labor Day and the different careers that have an effect on their lives, from teachers to bus drivers and librarians. Remember to take a moment to honor your own career this Labor Day, too!

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