National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day – Hot Dogs Of The South

There isn’t a more American food out there than a hot dog, which is why we’re excited to be celebrating National Hot Dog Day on July 19th! There are many varieties of hot dog styles all across America, from the Chicago Dog to the Dodger Dog but we think the very best hot dogs out there come from the South. Here are four most popular hot dogs served in the South.

Slaw Dog

This hot dog can be found anywhere in the south and is a big time favorite. You have an all-beef hot dog in a traditional bun served with BBQ homemade coleslaw, meaty chili, raw Vidalia onion, and yellow mustard (if you want!). Just hearing the ingredients has us hungry!

Scrambled Dog

Originating from Columbus, Georgia this hot dog doesn’t come in a bun, but rather a bowl. A bowl of chili with cut up hot dogs, raw onion, pickles, and some oyster crackers. You might call this the surf-n-turf of Georgia.

Texas Dog

You guess right this hot dog is from Texas and it is a thick frank on a soft bun with lots of salsa, Monterey Jack cheese, sliced jalapeños, and occasionally with chili. If that doesn’t scream Texas, we aren’t sure what does.

Memphis Dog

Straight from Memphis, Tennessee this hot dog is a pork sausage wrapped in bacon, smothered with BBQ sauce, onions, scallions, and shredded cheddar cheese on a grilled bun. A mixture of Tennessee flavor with a blues touch to it!

Have you tried all of these different hot dog styles? If not National Hot Dog Day is the perfect time to cross one off the list! Everyone here at Love Chevrolet will be celebrating today with some traditional styled hot dogs: hot dog, bun, and mustard!

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